The Corner Pocket

Blue Talon Bistro

“Two years after we opened, we have a very serious fire at the restaurant. Within one hour, Joe Harrow was in our parking lot, with flames still in the building, walking us through what was going to happen to get back on our business up and running again. That kind of dedication is really what you need and rely upon as a business. Middle Peninsula Insurance is invested in the success of Blue Talon Bistro.”

Adam Steely - Blue Talon Bistro

LaRS Group

“Our business is construction services, not insurance. We needed someone who will take care of those details while we do what we do and Middle Peninsula Insurance was the logical choice. They take care of LaRS’ insurance and healthcare benefits and we know that they have our back and will keep up with what we need.”

Jake Liebler, LaRS Group

The Virginia Beer Company

"We value our relationship with Middle Peninsula. They have been there for us from the beginning. They have guided us through every aspect and to this day, will see something we are doing, like the food trucks, and check in with us to make sure we have thought through the risk and liabilities, that we are prepared. That kind of partnership has been the cornerstone of getting our brewery up and running and hopefully our success.”

Robby Wiley - The Virginia Beer Company

Anvil Campground

"Middle Peninsula is a one-stop resource for me and they are all very responsive. I am very happy with the relationship.”

Chris Jump - Anvil Campground